Monday, 16 August 2010

xmas tree cards

Xmas Tree cards, these are so simple to do, i added a tutorial on how to make the trees a few days ago and i made loads as they were so easy ,
here i have put together 2 simple cards. I hope you enjoy making these quick and simple cards.

For Square card you will need....
Card stock 28cm x 14cm folded in half to form a square,
patterned papers 12.5 cm x 8.5cm and a 12.5cm x 4.5cm (these will be your panels)
Peel offs and a topper, glue whatever your choice, i used a glue stick for patterned papers and wet glue for the topper as it is already dimensial and does not need to be raised unless you want it to be.

For the one below you will need...
A5 card folded in half,
matting card 14cm x 10cm
patterned papers you will need to make 3 squares @ 4cm x 4cm
and 1 panel @ 13cm x 4cm
Topper, peel offs and again glue of your choice.

Happy Crafting x

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