My Family

Hello and welcome to my Family Page...
this is my son Lee.....
he is in his 20s and he has his own tree surgeon company he is a very level headed young man and he makes me so proud to be my son, Lee is a very hard worker and hardly makes time for himself, he has free time on a sunday and that is when he meets up with his mates and also being a young man it is important that he has quality time at the local pub :-) 

Here is my daughter Danielle she  made me the proud Nana of Ellie-May in August 2005 and to Jaydon in November 2009. Danielle is a wonderfull mother to Ellie and Jaydon and i am so proud of her for taking on motherhood on her own and she is doing very well.

Here i have my oldest sister Julie who we sadly lost to lung cancer in january 2006,  she learnt me so much
as i was growing up and taught me right from wrong, i must say she was and is my very own angel, she had a heart of gold and always around when needed .......Julie was a devoted mother to sons Stephen,Ian,Jake and daughters Joanne and Sarah.  Grandchildren Corey,Kayleigh and Jacob..she also was a wonderfull sister to Deborah,Tracey, myself,Jonathon and wayne.....We all miss her dearly and she is always in our every day thoughts...             
This is my Dad we also lost him to Cancer and he aged so quickly in his last yr of his life, he was a devoted husband to our step mum Hilda, father to Daughters Julie,Debbie,Tracey,myself  and son's Jonathon and Wayne, grandfather and great grandfather gosh the list is just too long to name..My father was a very strict man as we were growing up and  he loved fishing and he loved a pint or two he was a very hard worker and he had a part owned  buisiness in double glazed windows.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sadly missed by each and every one of us.. Always in our everyday thoughts.....

Here is a few pics of my grandchildren Ellie and Jaydon
 Here is Ellie she is a little poser and she loves her picture being taken .
 Here is Jaydon with mummy on the bus it is not very often we get a smile from him when camera is out he does not like his picture being taken lol.
 His mummy trying to get him to laugh..
 Ahhhh not a laugh from him but he wanted to bite, now he knows what those pearly new white teath are for .